Friday, August 5, 2011

Why I love the internet

I do. I love the internet.

I was the girl who lived in the library. I loved the way the dictionaries and encyclopediae and atlases and biographies and fiction wove around and through each other. I loved traveling through time and space, and I loved the idea that someone, somewhere, somewhen, thought whatever I was reading had been important enough to write it down and leave it where I might find it, like a love letter, or secret treasure.

The interconnectedness the internet gives: a real-time, extended-space ability to explore, to learn, to reach and be reached- what a wonder it is.

Sites like IndieGoGo and, LinkedIn make me happy. Mommy Blogs and Nursing Blogs and Science Blogs and Quaker Blogs and Money Blogs make me happy. And the endless creativity of people makes me very, very happy.

To that end, here, from, The Periodic Table of The Social Web. Fun, isn't it? [Click through to see the whole thing, if, as on my laptop, this layout cuts it off. Clearly, my layout needs some help from someone on the Periodic Table!]

The Periodic Table Of The Social WebCreated By

And to top it off, Andrea at SoOverDebt is inspiring me to post more often with her 100th post Celebration contest. Thanks, Andrea!
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