Monday, March 21, 2011

Move into Life

So I'm in a hotel room in San Rafael, California. Not posh- I can hear the freeway all night, and the air conditioner from next door- but that doesn't distract me from my purpose here.

I've begun the Anat Baniel Method Professional Training, to eventually become a practitioner with special needs children.

The what?

Anat Baniel Method Professional Training
. 26 months, 25k. People from all over the world in our class- Sweden, Denmark, Saskatchewan, Thailand. Some have special needs children, some [like me] work with them, some were special needs children who got help along the way. Some of us are 'special needs adults'- post-stroke, post-head injury. Some of us are nurses or teachers or Pilates instructors looking to broaden and deepen our practice.

I'm looking for work I can continue into my 80s in a healthy way. I've been an RN for 31 years, mostly working in Neonatal and Pediatric ICU alternated with long-term home-care for special needs children. I've seen it from both ends and felt there was something missing in the middle.

This is it. The missing piece.

My long term goal is to introduce this work to the Neonatal and Pediatric ICUs in the San Francisco Bay Area as part of what's available to patients there, or as part of their follow-up rehabilitation. There's no doubt in my mind that this would have helped nearly every child I took care of over 30 years. It certainly is helping the lad I take care of now.

And it's definitely good for me! I'm more limber, lighter, better co-ordinated, and happier. Can't lose!

If you're here because I've entered a contest on your blog, welcome. I'm entering a lot of contests these days, looking for simple and creative ways to either directly finance my tuition [prepaid Visa cards, for instance] or indirectly finance it by winning gift cards to Target or Amazon, or winning clothes/food/goodies to save me purchasing them.

Occasionally I'll review things here. Mostly I'll talk about the course. Sometimes [when I win!] I'll celebrate the blogger I won from. And I hope to pique your interest in this work.

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