Monday, April 25, 2011

Fate is kind. . .

Mysterious sometimes, but kind.

Last post I talked about my grandson's adventure in using crowdfunding and social media to back up the old standbys of car-washing and lawn-mowing for earning the money to finance Baseball summer camp in Europe.

Things change. He's decided, based on conversations with his mom, not to go this time. Maybe he'll be invited again next year, maybe not. But I know that whatever decision he's come to he's satisfied with it.

I don't know. It's his 12th birthday during that time. Maybe he needs to be home for that one. There seem to be a lot of reports of problems with planes lately. Maybe it's better to let the airlines do a little maintenance catch-up. Or maybe it's nothing concrete, nothing one can pin down.

What I know is, what's true is he wanted to go, and he took the chance and put himself out there to raise the money. That's more than a lot of us adults do- we over-extend our credit, or beg the relatives, or go without and whine about it. He just said, "Don't question it. Let's make this work," and gave it his best. And when new data came in, he considered it, redid the math, and came to a different decision.

I'm so proud of him. When the song says "Fate is kind: she brings to those who love the sweet fulfillment of their secret longing", it's not saying "Yes! you deserve to have this trip!" or "Yes! you deserve to play in the big leagues!" It's saying, "There are the deep things you long for- the things that aren't in words, or pictures, or even sensations, but are real: caring for others, being present, being honest. I grant you a chance for that in this moment."

Every moment is a moment in which, if we just reach up, we can get hold of the silver rope of Grace. I believe that's what he did, and I'm so proud, I can't stop smiling.

Love Until It Hurts: The Work of Mother Teresa and Her Missionaries of CharityLove Until It Hurts: The Work of Mother Teresa and Her Missionaries of Charity

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